In Chinantla you will always see jungle. Here you will find the third largest jungle in Mexico and one of the best preserved.

More than 400 species of vertebrates have been reported, including felines such as jaguars, pumas, ocelots and tigrillos. You can also see the spider monkey that in recent years has increased its population.

In the case of birds, more than 200 species that include toucans have been reported. La Chinantla is a paradise for birds because there are three AICAs here (Areas of Importance for the Conservation of Birds): Lake Cerro de Oro, Temascal Lake and Sierra Norte.

If you are lucky you will see the crystal frog, a very curious amphibian in the region because you can see its internal organs.

In all the communities of La Chinantla you will find services to have a pleasant visit to the jungle. A highly recommended option is to visit Yetla. In this town there is an ecotouristic center that has a restaurant and hotel rooms next to the river. From here you can plan your activities such as hiking through the jungle, canoe ride on the big river, visit waterfalls, springs and caverns. In the town there is also a church dating from the sixteenth century.

Photo: @SanMateoYetla

Information: Ecotouristic center “Yetla la puerta de la Chinantla”
Calle Independencia without number
Cel: +52 (283) 115 2188
Facebook: @SanMateoYetla