Typical Dishes


Undoubtedly the most characteristic dish of the region is the Caldo de Piedra (Stone Soup). This indigenous-prehispanic dish comes from San Felipe Usila. It is prepared with vegetables, fish, water, salt, herbs and a very hot river stone. When the stone is in contact with the ingredients, the soup starts boiling and in a few minutes, the Stone Soup is ready.

A typical and exclusive dish of the region is the Pollo a la Cubana (Cuban Chicken). There is also Cohinito a la Cubana (Cuban Pork). Whole chickens are cooked to firewood. The sauce with which it is marinated is a very well-kept secret of the chefs of Chiltepec. You can find these dish at the edge of the Oaxaca-Tuxtepec highway, close to the town Chiltepec.

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Another typical dish of the region is the egg wrapped in acuyo and baked in comal.

Try the authentic quesillo or queso de hebra (Oaxaca cheese). You can eat it in pieces as a snack, tacos or quesadillas. It also tastes delicious if you melt it in the microwave. You can find this cheese everywhere, from the tortillería, corner stores, markets and even in large self-service stores. I recommend you to buy it fresh.

You should not miss trying the tortilla made of yuca (cassava root) with beans (it is recommended to eat it with mole or quesadilla with quesillo).

If you visit an indigenous community you will find that the tortillas they eat are giant, handmade and cooked on the comal. Do not forget to take a taco, they taste delicious.

Tepejilote is a vegetable consumed in the region. You can eat roast, boiled in pot beans or scrambled with egg. Tepejilote occurs only in winter.

There are diversity of tamales:
– Corn tamales (they have meat and red sauce)
– Bollitos (simple corn tamale, without meat or sauce)
– Siete cueros (tamale in layers with beans)
– Tamales rancheros wrapped in banana leaf
– Tamales oaxaqueños with mole and chicken

There are other typical dishes:
– Boiled hierbamora (something like spinach)
– Pilte that is fish or chicken with vegetables and herbs wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.
– Ropa Vieja (old clothes) that are shredded meat with egg
– Red barbacoa
– Tesmole with corn dough balls and acuyo
– Casamiento (marriage) that is scrambled beans with rice