Ruins of Pueblo Viejo


Pueblo Viejo is a Chinantec community, belonging to the municipality of San José Chiltepec. In Pueblo Viejo you will find ruins of an ancient civilization. Its first inhabitants chose the name Pueblo Viejo, which recognizes an (old) town that existed here.

foto: @Pueblo-Viejo-San-Jose-Chiltepec

The ruins of Pueblo Viejo have only been explored by its inhabitants. They have organized themselft to clean the place. So far, no Mexican institute has come to know and value them. Therefore, if you are an archeology lover and you want to be one of the few who have seen these ruins, this is a great opportunity. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something of great archaeological value or some hidden treasure.

The people of the community can offer their services to take you to the ruins and to show you a little of their culture in Pueblo Viejo.

Photo: Fca Aracely Maos published in @Pueblo-Viejo-San-Jose-Chiltepec

If you are interested in seeing the ruins of the Pueblo Viejo, keep in mind that its inhabitants consider this site a sacred place, therefore you must respect their rules:

1) Ask for permission from the community authorities (@PuebloViejo.ChiltepecOaxaca.1).
2) Only enter with camera and/or cell phone.
3) Do not climb on the buildings
4) Schedule to see the ruins from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

How to get there:
From Tuxtepec it is 30 km, approximately 30 min by car. Take federal highway 175 to Oaxaca. After passing the Grupo Piasa sugar factory take the detour to Playa Vicente on the federal highway 147. When you reach the La Reforma community, where there is a gas station, take the deviation to the right which is the road to Pueblo Viejo. The next community after La Reforma is Pueblo Viejo.

You can also take public transport departing from the center of Tuxtepec. You must take the transport to Ayotzintepec because they are the ones that pass through Pueblo Viejo.

More information:
Facebook: @PuebloViejo.ChiltepecOaxaca.1
Facebook: @Pueblo-Viejo-San-Jose-Chiltepec