Plaza Juárez


The Parque Benito Juárez is very particular because in many small cities in Mexico, the main plaza is located exactly in the center of the city. In Tuxtepec it is located on the periphery of the city center.

Parque Juárez is the heart of the city, especially at night. Giant trees surround it, where the largest is more than 30 meters high. In the center of Parque Juárez you will see a statue of Benito Juárez next to the kiosk.

Plaza Juárez

Here you will also find a stage where every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) artistic presentations are made. Sometimes the Guelaguetza is also presented, where at the end you will see the Tuxtepecans dancing the “Flor de Piña“, the folk dance of the region. In other occasions “Noches de Danzón” is performed. Mainly older adults who dress elegantly for the special occasion dance the danzón.

Performance of the Guelaguetza in Plaza Juárez.
Noches de danzón.

In the evenings there are plenty of places to get a snack. You can enjoy an esquite, ice cream or marquisina while watching the colourful dancing fountain. Here you will see kids and adults playing and having a good time.

Dancing Fountain with different colours at night.

And of course you could not miss the famous leters. Take a picture with the colorful letters that form the word Tuxtepec. The patterns and colors of the letters are inspired by the huipiles of the Chinantla region.

Tuxtepec Letters

At the side of the plaza you will find the city hall. The building has more than 30 arches on the front and a few more on the sides. The yellow and red color of the building with the blue background of the sky makes it look amazing. Inside the city hall you will see a mural representing the Chinantla communities.

City Hall

The plaza is also surrounded by the Cathedral that is currently under construction and by the regional museum also under construction.