Monte Flor


Monte Flor is located in the Chinantec community of Cerro Marín. This community is known for its beautiful spring Monte Flor with its shallow waters, ideal for young children. You may have to pay a small contribution (30 pesos), which is to keep clean the area for visitors.

In addition to its recreational use, the spring water is used for consumption by members of the community, for this reason there are restricted areas.

You can also stay here overnight to enjoy the nature. There are cabins for rent and the prices are reasonable. Keep in mind that the cabins are very basic.

Entrance fee:
$20.00 MXN

Cabañas for a family:
$500.00 MXN

How to get there:
Monte Flor is 43 km from Tuxtepec, approximately 50 min by car.
By public transport, you will need to tell the driver to stop at Monte Flor and you just need to walk through the village for 50 meters to reach the spring.