There are around 200 green iguanas (some are orange) that live on the banks of the Montezuma stream that passes next to the IMSS (hospital) of Tuxtepec. From the bridge that crosses the stream to reach the IMSS or even from the windows inside the IMSS you can see these giant reptiles that in adulthood measure between 2 and 3 meters long and weigh between 4 and 6 kilos.

Male Iguana in orange

At the beginning you will not see them but once you see one and your eyes get used to it, you will begin to see dozens of iguanas everywhere. Literally, everywhere. It is very fun to spot them.

Group of iguanas warming up under the sun on the branches of trees. How many do you see?

Ironically and sadly, the iguanas (there are also turtles) have survived thanks to the high contamination of the Montezuma stream. This has prevented people from hunting them for consumption for fear of carrying diseases due to pollution.

These animals are fed and protected by the voluntary committee “Protegiendo con Alimentos las Iguanas del Seguro Social PAISS” (Protecting with Food the Iguanas from the IMSS) founded by an IMSS nurse. If you want to contribute you can bring your empty plastic bottles when you visit them and deposit it in a container that is here with a sign that reads: “Thanks for your support, together we will achieve it”.