About TuxtepecTurismo.com

TuxtepecTurismo.com emerged as an idea to show the tourist attractions of Tuxtepec and the region, which includes the Chinantla. It is also a way to introduce locals and foreigners to the cultural, historical and natural wealth that exists in this region. On many occasions the communities do not know how to make their tourist attractions known, with this page we want to contribute to the increase in the flow of tourists and thus help the economy of the region.

Page Content

The information presented in this webpage was obtained from several written, digital and direct sources (interviewing people from each community). The visual content published on the page that belongs to other authors is mentioned in the content description with a direct link from where it was obtained.


The logo is an intellectual property of TuxtepecTurismo.com. The letter “X” in the word Tuxtepec of the logo represents a butterfly which is related to the word papaloapan. With this, we represent the entire Papaloapan region, which include the Chinantla.