Vega Del Sol


Vega del Sol is a Chinantec town and although tourists come here mainly to enjoy the Zuzul spring, there are other activities that you can do in this town.

Map with sites of interest in Vega del Sol.

To visit the sites of interest in Vega del Sol it is advisable to do it in transportation since they are outside of the town.

One of these sites is in the middle of a rubber tree forest. In addition to seeing how the latex is extracted from the bark of trees you can also visit the ex-prisons used in the Porfiriato to imprison political prisoners. One of the ex-prions is without a roof but you can still see the structure of the prision and the seat where a guard with gun in hand sat day and night to watch the prisoners.

Latex being extracted from a tree.
Prison used in the Porfiriato.

Not far from the first prison is another one. This prison was built underground making it look like a cave. You will already imagine the suffocating heat and without light that dozens of prisoners had to suffer. No one could survive in these conditions for what was a death sentence.

In this same place there is a structure of what was once a Tienda de Raya (bank). A legend says that this bank was very luxurious and they even wanted to cover the floor with gold coins. However, Porfirio Díaz did not allow it because it would be an offense to step on the eagle of the Mexican shield. The only solution they were given was to put the coins standing, not laying on the ground. You will already imagine that this never happened.

Another activity you can do is to visit the tobacco ex-hacienda. You can see the tractors from more than 100 years ago that were used and the place where the slaves of el Porfiriato worked in inhuman conditions until death.

Tobacco Ex-hacienda

You can carry out all these activities on your own or with the communal touristic company “Centro ecoturístico Zuzul” that offers the following services:

a) Visit the former tobacco plantation and prisons.
b) Visit the rubber tree plantations and learn how the latex of the trees is obtained.
c) Enjoy gastronomy based on edible plants.
d) Restaurant and rustic cabins between the river and the Zuzul spring.

How to get there:
Vega del Sol is 40 km from Tuxtepec, approximately 50 minutes by car. You must take the road to Oaxaca city and after 37 Km there is a deviation towards Vega del Sol. Continue for 3 Km more until you reach the village.

More information:
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