Bethania Waterfalls


The Bethania Waterfalls are located in the community of Bethania. These waterfalls offer a paradise for visitors. You can have a good time swimming or admiring the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are formed in times of rain (spring-summer). Around there are springs and green areas to rest.

Unlike other communities in Oaxaca or Mexico, in Bethania most of its inhabitants are evangelicals and the minority is Catholic. Bethania means “place of rest” or “house of God” and here alcohol is forbidden.

When you visit Bethania, respect the rules of the community.

How to get there:
Bethania is 30 km from Tuxtepec, approximately 30 min. Take federal highway 175 to Oaxaca. After passing the sugar factory of Grupo Piasa, take the exit to Playa Vicente on the federal highway 147. After 23 km you will reach Bethania.

More information: @Bethania.Oaxaca