Soyaltepec Island


Soyaltepec Island or the Old Soyaltepec Island is a Mazatec community located in the artificial lake Miguel Alemán. From the top of the island you can see the A Thousand Islands formed (Soyaltepec Island is one of them) when the Miguel Alemán dam was built in the 1950’s.

A Thousand Island. Photo: @Isla-Soyaltepec-Oaxaca

The only way to get to Soyaltepec Island is by boat. Once you arrive, you must walk up for half an hour to reach the top of the island where the village of Old Soyaltepec is located. So, you should bring enough water and comfortable clothes when you come.

The Soyaltepec Island also has the San Miguel de Arcángel Church that is almost 500 years old. It is said, that Hernán Cortés donated the bell of the tower.

Invading French troops trying to occupy the north of the state of Oaxaca were defeated here on April 25, 1865. For this reason, the community obtained the title of Patriotic Villa of San Miguel Soyaltepec.

There are some cabins to stay and enjoy this magical place.

How to get there: The easiest route to get to Soyaltepec Island is by boat from Temascal town. The trip takes approximately 20 min. You can also take a boat from Ixcatlán or Cerro Quemado, but these trips are a bit longer (approx. 40 min).