Temascal (New Soyaltepec or San Miguel Soyaltepec)


In 1949 the decision to built the Miguel Alemán dam was taken. The construction of the dam left a large part of the municipality of San Miguel Soyaltepec under water. A year later, Temascal or Nuevo Soyaltepec would be founded with the displaced Mazatec families.

Photo: Raymundo Martínez published in @DescubreTemascalOaxaca

You can visit the monument to President Miguel Alemán who started with the construction of the dam.

In Temascal you can do many activities: swimming in the lake, visit the gates of the dam, take a boat tour and visit the different islands of Lake Miguel Alemán, including the island of Old Soyaltepec.

How to get there: Getting to Temascal is easy. It is approximately 60 km, 1h30min by car from Tuxtepec. You must go out to the State of Veracruz and take the road Tierra Blanca – Sayula de Alemán. About 15 kilometers before reaching Tierra Blanca, there are signs indicating the deviation towards Temascal, Oaxaca.