Naranjal Waterfalls


San Isidro Naranjal is a chinantec village, which is known for the beautiful Arcoíris Waterfall and the multiple waterfalls formed by the rain. The only way to get to and enjoy these waterfalls is through private transportation. To do this you must cross dirt roads (in good condition) made by the same communities.

The road to San Isidro Naranjal is not heavy because you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the vegetation and hills.

The waterfalls are spectacular after rainy days.  Dozens of waterfalls are formed and you can visit them all. The depth of the natural pools they form can reach up to 15 meters, which allows you to dive. You must be careful because the stones through which the water passes are extremely slippery. It is advisable to wear shoes and be very careful.

Waterfall arcoíris with natural pool of 15 meters deep.

There are exotic plants and animals living in this area. The administration and care of this natural beauty is in charge of the Cascadas de San Isidro Naranjal ecotouristic center.

$10 per person. In low season it is free.
$ 20 parking per car.

How to get:
When you arrive in Chiltepec you must return along the royal road towards the secondary or sports unit and follow the dirt road until you reach San Isidro Naranjal.

More information: @SanIsidroNaranjal