San Pedro Ixcatlán


After the flood caused by the Miguel Alemán dam, the Mazatec town of San Pedro Ixcatlán remained on a peninsula.

You can not miss to visit the temple dedicated to Saint Peter (San Pedro). It was built more than 400 years ago. It is located on a hill in the center of the town.

In Ixcatlán you can take boat tours and visit the ranch “La Chingada”. On the same tour you can see the birds that live here such as the pelican and see the fish farms.

Ranch “La Chingada”

When you visit Ixcatlán do not forget to buy the famous bread that is baked here and do not leave without enjoying a delicious ceviche in a restaurant next to the lake.

Another activity you must do is to visit one of the workshops where the famous huipil of Ixcatlán is made. Here you will also find guayaberas with embroidery that you find in the huipiles.

The main activity of the town is fish farms. After the flood of their lands by the construction of the Miguel Alemán dam, the Mazatecs had to learn how to fish. Now, fish farms are the main financial activity. You can take a tour to visit the fish farms and after you should enjoy a delicious fish.

Fish farm

Boat trips: If you want to take a boat tour, there are many companies that offer the service for as low as 200 pesos, depending on time and size of the boat

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How to get there: From Tuxtepec to Ixcatlán, it is 60 km and you can arrive by car in 1h30min. Take the federal highway 182 San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz – Tuxtepec. After 53 km you will see the deviation towards Ixcatlán. Continue for 7 km more and you will reach Ixcatlán.