Dam and lake Miguel Alemán (Temascal)

In the 1940’s the construction of the Miguel Alemán Dam, also known as Temascal Dam, was ordered. This unilateral decision on the part of the Mexican government forced about 22 thousand Mazatecs to abandon their lands that their ancestors had worked for centuries.

The reason for the construction was to avoid floods that affected the Papaloapan region in Oaxaca and Veracruz year after year. An example of this was the great flood of 1944 that affected Tuxtepec. This is considered one of the biggest tragedies of the last century.

The dam was also built to generate electricity for the southeastern of Mexico. While building the dam a large artificial lake was formed, becoming one of the largest in Mexico. Some of the points from where you can enjoy the artificial lake Miguel Alemán are San Miguel Soyaltepec (Temascal), San Pedro Ixcatlán or Cerro Quemado. you can check the following links to know what to do in San Miguel Soyaltepec, San Pedro Ixcatlán and Cerro Quemado.