Tlacotalpan is the pearl of the Cuenca del Papaloapan region. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site for its historic monuments and beautiful Cuenca architecture.

The best thing to enjoy this city is to walk and get lost in its streets. In each direction you will see a rainbow of colours. Each house is painted in a different color.

Typical houses in Tlacotalpan.

In the entrance of Tlacotalpan, you will find a monument that reads: Welcome to Tlacotalpan.

You can start your tour in the Plaza de Zaragoza. You will be surprised to know that you will be walking on marble. The park is painted in turquoise green that next to the church of San Cristóbal looks spectacular, especially on sunny days.

Plaza Zaragoza

Next to Plaza Zaragoza is the Plaza Hidalgo. Between January 31 and February 2, you will see here the meeting between decimeros and jaraneros to celebrate the day of Candlemas.

Between Plaza Zaragoza and Plaza Hidalgo is the temple of the Virgen de la Candelaria. It is here that on February 2 is celebrated the Day of Candlemas. This day begins with the mañanitas (mexican birthday song) to the Virgin and at noon the Virgin crosses the Papaloapan River together with the parishioners. The day continues with cultural activities and continues until the night.

Another activity you can do in Tlacotalpan is to walk along the boardwalk to admire the Papaloapan River. You can take a boat tour or simply sit in one of the restaurants next to the Papaloapan River and enjoy some typical dish listening to La Bamba.

If you have time you can visit the Jarocho Salvador Ferrando Museum that exhibits works by the jarocho painter. You can also visit the Casa de la Cultura of Agustín Lara where you will find, among other things, personal objects and photographs of the composer and interpreter Agustín Lara.

How to get there: Tlacotalpan is only 106 km from Tuxtepec. If you go by car, you will arrive in just two hours.