A Thousand Islands (Mil Islas)


A Thousand Islands was formed when thousand of hectares of fertile land were flooded in the 50’s for the construction of the Miguel Alemán dam.

The Chinantla is an area with many hills and the water could not cover them all. This gave rise to A Thousand Islands.

Many of the islands are uninhabited and do not have owners. Others are whole communities, ranches or are used for livestock.

The best places to admire the Islands are in the town of San Andrés Cerro Quemado or at the top of Isla Soyaltepec.

In Cerro Quemado there are three viewpoints to have a panoramic view of the Thousand Islands. This town has the eco-touristic center Mil Islas that offers lodging services, boat or canoe, hiking and more. For more information, visit the section about Cerro Quemado.

Vista from San Andrés Cerro Quemado. Photo: @MilIslasTurismo

Another point from where you can admire the Thousand Islands is from Isla Soyaltepec. In addition to the spectacular view, you can also do other activities. You can visit the Church of San Miguel de Arcángel that is almost 500 years old. You can also hike through the Island with the help of a local guide.

If you visit San Pedro Ixcatlán you will have the opportunity to rent boats to visit one of the Thousand Islands, including the ranch “La Chingada”.

How to get there: From Tuxtepec to Cerro Quemado, it is 69 km and you arrive by car in less than 2 hours. Take the federal highway 182 San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz – Tuxtepec. Take the next deviation (dirt road) after passing the deviation to Ixcatlán. Continue for about 15 km more until you reach the town of San Andrés Cerro Quemado.

The only way to get to Soyaltepec Island is by boat. You must take a boat from San Andrés Cerro Quemado, Ixcatlán or from Temascal (Nuevo Soyaltepec).