San Andrés Cerro Quemado


San Andrés Cerro Quemado is a Mazatec town. From here you will have a spectacular view of the A Thousand Islands. Three viewpoints have been adapted to enjoy the panoramic view. The ecotouristic center Mil Islas Cerro Quemado offers various services including cabins, restaurant and guided tours.

You can have trips to the islands by canoe or motorized boats. You can also explore the Cabeza de Tilpan cavern that has a depth of 100 m and a height of 20 m.

A unforgettable experience is to stay camping in one of the A Thousand Islands. It is best to stay in a clear day, so you can sleep under the stars. This service is offered by the Ecotouristic center Mil Islas Cerro Quemado.

You can enjoy the temporary waterfalls from June to February. The waterfall measures more than 20 meters and to reach it you must walk through the jungle.

How to get There:
From Tuxtepec to Cerro Quemado, it is 69 km and you can get there by car in less than 2 hours. Take the federal highway 182 San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz – Tuxtepec. Take the deviation that is 500 meters after passing the deviation to Ixcatlán. Continue for about 15 km until you reach the town of San Andrés Cerro Quemado.

More information (Spanish only):
Ecotouristic center Mil Islas Cerro Quemado
Cel: +52 287 181 7648
Facebook: @MilIslasTurismoOaxaca