Loma Bonita


Loma Bonita began as an American neighbourhood. The Americans saw an opportunity in these fertile lands. In the 1940s, pineapple industry began to be established and this is how Loma Bonita became a benchmark in pineapple production. It is from here that they were inspired, in part, for the Flor de Piña dance that represents the Cuenca del Papaloapan region in the Guelaguetza. In the entrance of Loma Bonita you will see a statue made of bronze representing “El Ponitero”. “El Ponitero” is a worker that cuts the pineapple and collects them in a big basket hanging in on his back.

In the outside of the city you will see next to the road plantations of pineapples.

Among the most important events is the Feria de la Piña (Festival of the Pineapple) that takes place in May. In this festival there is exhibition of pineapple and products derived from it. You will also find an agricultural, livestock, industrial, commercial and craft exhibition. During the days of the festival, you can enjoy other attractions such as carnival, danzón evenings, presentation of regional dances, the traditional food, cultural week and its traditional cavalcade.

The cultural center “Casa Sotaventina” is a space dedicated to teaching and promoting the art and culture of the Sotavento region through courses and workshops such as Son. On April 30th, the “Encuentro infantil de jaraneros y decimistas” is held, where children of Loma Bonita and surrounding communities participate.

In the plaza Benito Juárez of Loma Bonita you will also find the statue of Benito Juárez and a monument to the Pineapple.

How to get there:
Loma Bonita is 36 km from Tuxtepec and can be reached in 50 minutes by car. It is also possible to arrive by bus from the bus station in Tuxtepec.