Phe-hispanic city of Mundo Nuevo


In 2012, remains of a large pre-Hispanic city were discovered in the Mundo Nuevo neighbourhood in Tuxtepec. This pre-Hispanic city has an area of 21 square kilometers. This corresponds to the same size as Monte Albán (20 square kilometers) in the city of Oaxaca.

As reported by the newspaper El Universal, the pre-Hispanic city of Mundo Nuevo in Tuxtepec features mounds, platforms, ceramics, wall alignment and even a Juego de Pelota. This would suggest that it was a great civilization.

In 2016 the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) recognizes the pre-Hispanic city as a site of monumental character, although until now there have been no more exploration works. It is expected that soon more exploration works will be started to know more about this pre-hispanic city.

It is not known if this great city would be related to the Ruins El Castillo, although this possibility is not ruled out. The Ruins El Castillo was a great ceremonial center dedicated to Moctezuma I that are in the neighbourhood El Castillo in the city of Tuxtepec.

The pre-Hispanic city of Mundo Nuevo is located in federal, private and communal properties. In addition, it is totally covered by weed, so it can be very difficult to see. It is also surrounded by a fence, which does not allow people to enter the site.

More studies are needed to know the history of this great pre-Hispanic city that without a doubt is the history of Tuxtepec and Chinantla.