City surrounded by the Papaloapan river and gateway to the exuberant Chinantla, where indigenous communities have learned to live in harmony with nature.

In the north of the state of Oaxaca and separated from Oaxaca city by the Sierra Juárez lays Tuxtepec, a city surrounded by the Papaloapan river, where huge steam ships once passed. Tuxtepec witnessed the intention of Porfirio Díaz to become president of Mexico (later a dictatorship) proclaiming the “Plan de Tuxtepec”.

Tuxtepec is ideal for entering the Chinantla and discovering why this place was so important for the Aztecs, then for the Spanish and later for the Porfiriato (Porfirio Díaz regime).

In the Chinantla are Chinantec and Mazatec people living together in harmony with nature. From here, you can explore the Mils Islas (Thousand Islands) in one of the biggest artificial lakes in Mexico, the Miguel Alemán lake. If it is hot day, you can immerse yourself into the crystal clear spring water of “Zuzul”. You can also enter the jungle and rain forest where you will find vegetation that will make you remember Jurassic Park. Do not forget to eat the famous prehispanic dish “Caldo de Piedra” (Stone Soup), try the wild vanilla, refresh yourself with a delicious “Popo” and try the extensive gastronomy based mainly on vegetables.

What to see in Tuxtepec city?

The main Plaza in the city is the Parque Juárez. Here, you will find huge trees that can reach 30 meters hight. Around it, you will see the beautiful city hall, the cathedral and the regional museum in construction.

Papaloapan comes from the náhuatl word ‘Papálotl’, which means the river of butterflies. Its width can reach 100 m.

In the city you can see its architecture, buy in the central market, visit the ruins of “El Castillo” and much more.

What to do in "la chinantla"?

In the Chinantla you find the third largest jungle in Mexico. The diversity of ecosystems that exist here will amaze you. In just 40 Km you can explore the jungle, rain forests and pine forests.
Visit the waterfalls and springs with crystal clear waters that exist in the region. You can swim or relax under the shade of a tree on hot days.
Learn about the traditions and culture of the Chinantec and Mazatec people that inhabit the Chinantla. It is the ideal opportunity to practice and learn to say some phrases in Chinantec or Mazatec.
Visit “El Castillo” (in ruins) of Moctezuma I. From here, the Aztecs dominated the Chinantla. Explore other archaeological sites that exist in the region.

Visit one of the largest artificial lakes in Mexico created by a dam. You can do various water activities such as a sailing, or visit one of the “Mil Islas” (A Thousand Islands).

The Chinantla cuisine is extensive, many are prehispanic dishes such as the “Caldo de Piedra” (stone soup). Also try the refreshing drinks and the exotic fruits that grow in this region.