San Lucas Ojitlán

San Lucas Ojitlán, with more than 6 thousand inhabitants, is the largest Chinantec town. From here Porfirio Díaz elaborated and proclaimed on January 10, 1876 the Plan of Tuxtepec to bring down the Mexican government of Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada.

At the entrance to the town there is a monument to Flor de Piña. Similar to the one in Tuxtepec but with a huipil tipical from Ojitlán. When you arrive to the city center, you will see the city hall and the church at the top of the city.

Ojitlán is very hilly, so be prepared to walk up and down. Once you arrive at the higuest part of the city (where the church was built), you will have an incredible view.  You can see from here the artificial lake Cerro de Oro.

The surrounding communities come to Ojitlán to sale their products. It is a great opportunity to buy fresh vegetables such as Tepejilotes (quelites), hiervamora, bejuco (delicious in quesadillas) and even organic and handmade cigars.

Woman selling vines (bejuco), tepejilote, cigars y other products.
Delicious cigar from Ojitlán

Do not leave without trying the Chinantec drink called Popo. It translates as foaming. It is a drink made with cacao, corn and a type of vine (bejuco).


How to get there:
Ojitlán is 45 km away from Tuxtepec, around 1 hour away by car. Take the federal highway 182 Jalapa de Díaz-Tuxtepec. When you arrive in Ojitlán you will see signs indicating that you must leave the road to enter the city. The federal highway passes just next to Ojitlán.