Cerro Marín


Cerro Marín is a Chinantec town and it is best known for its crystal clear water spring “Monte Flor“.

In addition to the spring, you can take guided walks through jungle and visit the Cavern of the Fire (Caverna del Fuego) that is more than 250 m deep, which is very close to Monte Flor. You can continue the journey until you reach Marín Viejo, an ancient Chinantec settlement where the ancestors of the inhabitants of Cerro Marín used to live.

There is a community museum where pieces found in a pre-Hispanic tomb are shown. The museum also shows the history of the town.

Museum. Photo: @Ecoturismo.MonteFlor

The women of the community offer in their homes the experience of seeing and participating in the elaboration of huipilis.

There are two other caverns that are worth visiting. One is El Gallo cavern, its name is due to the legend that says that when you reach the end (200 m) you hear a rooster. La Cavern La Estatua (The Statue) has a statue at the entrance, where the ancestors of Cerro Marín made offerings to the Gods to have a good harvest. Inside there is a spring where albino shrimp live and reproduce.

How to get there:
Cerro Marín is 43 km from Tuxtepec, approximately 50 minutes by car. You must take the highway to Oaxaca city. After 43 km, there are signs indicating that you are in Cerro Marín. You will also see signs indicating where the Monte Flor spring is.