Carnival of Tuxtepec 2019


Known as the largest carnival in Oaxaca, the Carnival of Tuxtepec 2019 will be celebrated from the 23rd to the 28th of April.

The Carnival of Tuxtepec 2019 will begin on April 23 with the burning of bad humor followed by the comedy show “Platanito Show”.

There will be three days with parades, where TV celebrities will be dancing and be part of the parades. At the end of each parade, there will be a concert with a group or guest singer.

The Carnival of Tuxtepec 2019 will end on April 28 with a concert of the famous norteño group Bronco at the Plaza Juárez. They will sing well known songs like: Sergio el Bailador, Zapatos de Tacón, No Quede Huella, Oro, Dos mujeres y un caminno among others.

The full program will be:

  • April 23 | Platanito Show and Burning of Bad Humor
  • April 24 | Peque Gigantes and Coronation of Infant King and Queen
  • April 25 | Jorge Medina and Coronation of King and Queen of the Carnival
  • April 26 | 1st Parade and Super Lamas concert
  • April 27 | 2nd Parade and concert by José Manuel Figueroa
  • April 28 | 3rd Parade and Bronco Concert
Carnival Program of Tuxtepec 2019. Credits: @CarnavalTuxtepec

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