Zuzul is the most popular spring in La Chinantla and Cuenca del Papaloapan region. The water flows from a vertical cave in the middle of the spring. This phenomenon makes the water look in different shades of blue.

Keep in mind that the water is spring water so it is colder than river water. There are stairs to be able to walk down to the spring safely. It also has a trampoline of more than 5 meters where only the most daring (and children of the town) dive.

Zuzul is located in the Chinantec village of Vega del Sol. Vega del Sol also has another spring that is 150 meters away from Zuzul, right at the entrance to the town and next to the bridge. Another attraction of the community is the seasonal waterfalls that form during the rainy season.

Besides the natural attraction, in Vega del Sol you can visit ex-prisons used in the Porfiriato, visit the trees from where rubber is extracted and enjoy the Chinantec gastronomy. To learn more visit the section of Vega del Sol.

If you wish you can stay in one of the cabins next to the river and next to the spring. You will also find a restaurant in the place.

Price: $ 20 per person. In low season the entrance is free.

How to get there: Vega del Sol is 40 km from Tuxtepec, approximately 50 minutes by car.

More information: Ecotourism center “Zuzul”
Calle Revolución without number
Vegal del Sol
Tel: 283 101 7247