Valle Nacional


San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional is a landmark in the history of Mexico. First, Because it was once the capital of the Chinantla, which was known as Chinantlan. Second, because due to its nature and exuberant beauty, the Spaniards called it Valle Real (Royal Valley). Third, for the inhuman acts that were committed here and that came to light after the Mexican Revolution. Those acts were also writen by the American writer John Kenneth Turner in the book Barbarous Mexico.

In the Porfiriato, the Valle Nacional region was used as a concentration camp for slaves, who worked tirelessly. Chinantecs, other indigenous people and political prisoners from various regions of the country were brought here. Because of these acts, Valle Nacional was known as the Valle de la Muerte.

It is known that there were around 30 haciendas for the production of tobacco. In Valle Nacional there are still ruins of what were once beautiful homes of foremen and haciendas. An example of this is the former tobacco plantation located in Vega del Sol.

In the city of Valle Nacional you will find three hotels on the main avenue. If you prefer you can stay in an eco-tourist center in the surroundings of Valle Nacional and be in contact with nature.

How to get there:
Tuxtepec is 50 km away and can be reached in 1 hour by car. You must take the federal highway to Oaxaca city. The highway passes through the center of the city.

There is also public transportation from Tuxtepec. You must take them in the bus station.